Tools to help you build stronger
leaders and teams!

The teams and leaders in your organization deserve the best tools, resources and people to guide them.

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As a learning and development professional, it is really hard to provide for every need that the leaders and teams in your organization have.

We see it all the time. Someone comes to you with a challenge and you have to scramble to find a resource that will help them. Not having the right tools at your fingertips makes you feel less-than-awesome. The Conversations That Matter has been training teams and leaders to be their very best for more than 10 years. In addition to being our CEO and a top 5 Everything DiSC facilitator in the world, Tammy Krings is also known for the insightful, smart tools she creates to support people in reaching their professional goals and building healthy relationships.


NOW, These tools are available for you!

In Tammy's Leadership Essentials Toolkit, you’ll get 14 tools that can help you to be the best guide for your teams and leaders.

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The Leadership Essentials Toolkit Includes:

Each tools comes with a tutorial video to help you understand how to use the tool, downloadable workbook and presentation slide deck for you to share with your leaders & teams. 

Knowing & Honoring Self

  • Defining Your Leadership
  • Leaders Get What they
    Tolerate, Demonstrate & Celebrate
  • Leadership Alignment
  • Leadership Motive
  • Purposeful Leadership Map

Building Trust in Teams

  • Having Hard Conversations
  • Helping People Prioritize
  • Manager 1:1
  • SBI+ Feedback Model
  • Setting Expectations & Establishing Accountability

Leading the Business with Clarity

  • Communicating With Clarity
  • How we Work
  • Making Your Meetings Work
  • Prioritizing Results & Relationships

Your Toolkit Includes..

  • 5 Leading Self tools
  • 5 Leading Others tools
  • 4 Leading Business tools
  • Video tutorial, Leader's Guide, Workbook & Slide Deck for each tool!
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Tools to help you build stronger leaders and teams!

The teams and leaders in your organization deserve the best tools, resources and people to guide them.

The Leadership Essentials Toolkits will give you 14 resources to support your work and succeed in supporting your leaders and teams!

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Use these tools to guide conversation, work, and vision for your leaders and teams

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When Your Leaders and Teams Thrive, So do You

  • Performance Acceleration
  • Strong Relationships
  • Increased Confidence
  • Accessible Support
  • Trust